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Unrivaled Quality, 0.01mm Median Tolerance, Smooth Surfaces

ABG Filament brings you the best quality filaments at affordable prices. Our extruding machine also had to follow high standarts we hold, and its design took over a year. Produced with the highest quality parts and elements, equipped with unique measuring and logging equipments, we are the first manufacturer that guarantees and provides data of the filament you will purchase, even before the purchase! After your order is completed, we can transfer you the data of every milimeter of your order, for you to review and ask for a remanufacture if you please. This also allows us to claim that our gauge deviation is less than 0.01mm, and you can see it before your purchase as well.

With our offices in San Francisco, London, Ankara, Hong Kong and Chengdu, you can reach us 7/24 and receive support worldwide. Even if you require an immediate shipment of 1 spool, we will be happy to serve you. Our R&D department always searches for new materials, new properties and new polymers.

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Our Process

We follow these 4 steps for each batch.

Schedule throughly and never quote a deadline you can not meet
Manufacture and add our own magic that makes the filaments so good
Test and never ship anything that you would not use yourself
Launch and ensure customer receives the product on time

Unique Machinery

Special Design

Our extruder is specially designed for filament manufacturing, it is not repurposed from an existing machine but has been designed from scratch. Our filaments are designed with care for FDM printers, with highest quality raw materials, food grade dying agents and comply with REACH and ROHS standarts, ensuring safest, cleanest and smoothest experience.

Top Notch Engineering

With advanced measuring and logging systems, triple cooling and colour matching abilities, only delivers the best product with a 0.01mm median deviation.

Highest Quality

Pure Materials

We measure every cm of our product and dispose any product that is not up to our standarts. Disposed materials are recycled for injection purpose and never sold to our customers. All materials are purchased directly from industry leading manufacturers from USA and Europe, to both ensure quality and to offer most competitive prices.

Smooth Surfaces

Our 0.01mm median tolerance and highest quality materials ensures all your prints are as smooth as injection counterparts, with no visible lines and glass like surface quality.

Office Address

Konur St. 73/5 Ankara/Turkey

Factory Address

Gersan Industrial District 2308 St. No: 68


Turkiye: ozgur.arslan@abgfilament.com Call: +90 543 932 0 102

Export: export@abgfilament.com Call: +90 533 232 6 444

General Inquiries: info@abgfilament.com Call: +90 312 390 8 333

Call or e-mail us for inquiries or support.